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Private Virtual Web Server Reseller Hosting Solutions from ResellersPanel Hosting

Sell Virtual Web Servers On Behalf Of Your Own Brand Name

Appending private virtual hosting server packages to your web hosting store will create a better image for your business. There are a couple of virtual private web hosting server reseller programs where you have to buy the VPS server plans yourself before you can offer them to your shared hosting clients. This involves upfront deposits and there is no certainty that you will be able to sell what you have already purchased.

So how could you escape this monetary risk and time-consuming work?

In response to this, ResellersPanel Hosting set up a completely automated free reseller hosting platform.

With no upfront taxes and installments, you can promote VPS hosting servers as well as other website hosting services and domains with no economic risk.

You will have your very own company name and your clients will buy directly from your hosting storefront. They will never realize that you are a web hosting reseller. You can promote private virtual server accounts and other web hosting services without having to purchase them upfront.

You just select the VPS plans you would like to promote, set your own prices on them and display the VPS web hosting plans on your custom-designed online storefront or make use of ResellersPanel Hosting's cost-free turn-key front-store templates. You can select your virtual server packages and manage their prices from your Reseller Control Panel with simple point & click maneuvers.

ResellersPanel Hosting handles all technical support duties and pays you each month for the sales that you have closed. The hosting distributor never charges you a penny for reselling their web hosting solutions. ResellersPanel Hosting makes cash when you gain money - it's as simple as that.

You accomplish sales, you gain cash!

Pre-Configured Virtual Private Web Server Packages with Operating System Choices and a 99.9% Network Uptime SLA

All virtual private web server packages are pre-configured for you - there is no need to cope with any server setups or technical configurations.

You will be able to combine your Virtual Private Server packages with ordinary shared web hosting packages, semi-dedicated hosting servers and dedicated hosting servers. Selling all these hosting services at the same time gives you a big edge over the other hosting suppliers.

All VPS web hosting plans allow you to select an OS and include many administration options, the Virtuozzo Power Panel, full server root access, SSH access, reseller bounties (a domain reseller account/ClientExec) and upgrade (add-on/admin) options.

Each virtual private web server hosting plan is backed up by ResellersPanel Hosting's free-of-cost server setup, quick VPS web hosting server installation and 99.9 percent server uptime SLAs.

The VPS server plans belong to a consolidated hosting system. Your customers will be able to quickly shift from a shared website hosting package to a virtual web server hosting package or from a private virtual web hosting server to a semi-dedicated hosting web server, and so on. So, sign up now!.