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Charge-Free Domain Registration

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A domain name is an alpha-numeric mixture that makes it easier to access web sites on the World Wide Web. It converts an IP address such as into an easy-to-remember mixture of characters and numbers. For example, it is much simpler to remember www.domain.com than the numbers above, especially given the circumstance that there are 1 000 000's of web sites on the Internet.

Top-Level and Second-Level Domain Names

A domain name includes 2 entities - a top-level domain name (TLD) and a Second-Level Domain (SLD). In "domain.com", the ".com" part is the top-level domain name, and "domain" is the SLD. There are two types of TLDs - generic TLDs, like .com, .net, .org, and country code - .ca, .fr, .de. The domain is what depicts your weblog, brand name, or company, and it is what your web site visitors will associate you with.

Two-Year Domain Registrations

Domains can be registered for various intervals of time, varying from one to ten yrs. Given Top-Level Domains like .co.uk and .com.au can be registered for no more and no less than 2 years at a time. Usually, you will notice the top-level domain name-specific registration info on the site of the domain registrar where you register them.

Varied Domain Name Hosting Solutions

As soon as you have settled on an appropriate domain name, you should also contemplate about a decent web hosting plan for your web page. This is the solution that accommodates your portal and permits you to create email boxes. When somebody types your domain name in a browser, they will discern the website files that you accommodate in your site hosting account. There are several types of web hosting services - shared hosting packages, Virtual Private Servers, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers, and each of them has its positive and negative sides.

Shared Webspace Hosting - The Most Widespread Kind of Hosting

The most broadly used sort is the shared hosting solution. a set of persons utilize a web server and get a given amount of resources. The limits may differ - disk storage space, bandwidth, central processing unit utilization, or something else, determined by the supplier. Usually, you can select from a variety of diverse web space hosting plans, so you can opt for a plan that will satisfy your anticipations and you will pay for a service whose resources you will really make use of. The affordability of the shared webspace hosting plans enables you to steer clear of considerable monthly taxes for a dedicated web server solution with system resources that you will never entirely use.

Monthly or Yearly Web Space Hosting Packages?

Because a large number of people pay for a hosting account on one and the very same hosting server, the price per head is negligible. It is also simpler for the web hosting vendor to administer all the accounts, so the quality of the web hosting service will be agreeable. With the majority of web hosting vendors, you can also decide if you will be charged on a monthly or on a yearly basis. This offers you the flexibility to try the packages of a given provider and to switch to another one, if necessary.

A Web Hosting Gift - A Free-of-Charge Domain Name

Particular distributors such as 'NTC Hosting', for instance, recompense loyal web hosting customers by endowing them with a free domain name with each shared web page hosting account that is paid for on an annual basis. Thus, the hosting vendor has a guaranteed customer for the next year, which renders customer and profit forecasts more foreseeable, and you, as a client, take advantage of saving the money you would have otherwise spent on a domain name. Because the price of the site hosting plan with or without a domain name remains unchanged, the price of the latter is not concealed in the actual package price, as with other service providers. Given the fact that the monthly price is smaller if you pay on a yearly basis, the charge-free domain name renders the web hosting package even more affordable, whereas simultaneously you enjoy a high quality hosting service.